The Airworthiness Section is responsible for:-

Aircraft Inspections

Carrying out aircraft inspections for the purposes of aircraft importation, registration, issuance of Certificates of Airworthiness (initial issues, post accident or incident inspections). Aircraft inspections are carried out both locally and abroad. 

 - Issuing of Aircraft Permits to Fly and Ferry Permits.

 - Issuing of Permits to Fly with regards to Non-Type Certificate Aircraft.

Auditing of Aircraft Maintenance Organizations

The Airworthiness Section is responsible for carrying out safety audits (inspections) on two (2) types of organizations namely:-

Aircraft Maintenance Organizations (AMO’s);

Aircraft Design Organizations; 

The purpose of carrying out such inspections is 3-fold;

the initial issuance of approvals.

For the renewal of such approvals.

Adhoc inspections to ensure that these organizations comply with the requirements of the Air Navigation Regulations in undertaking their tasks.

Note:   There are a number of CAA approved Aircraft Maintenance Organisations in South Africa and neighbouring Countries. 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Examinations

Examinations will be held in accordance with Notice to Engineers and Operators No.8.

All applicants wishing to sit for exams are advised to refer to Notice No. 8 for guidance.

Notices to Engineers and Operators

All Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Operators are advised to procure copies of the Notices, from the Airworthiness Section.

Airworthiness Directives

Airworthiness Directives (Ads) issued by the State of aircraft, engine and/or propeller manufacture are required to be embodied on Zambian registered aircraft. 


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