Office of the Director General

The Office of the Director-General is responsible for carrying out of the functions vested in the Director General by the Civil Aviation Authority, Act No.7 of 2012.

1) The Director-General shall be responsible for the carrying out of the functions of the Authority as specified under section 4 and the specific and general functions vested in the Director-General under the Act.

2) Subject to the Act and without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1) of the Act,  the Director-General  shall be responsible for the –

(a) management and administration of the affairs of the Authority;

(b) implementation of the decisions of the Board; and

(c) any other administrative or corporate function assigned to the Director-General by the Board or by, or under, the

3) Subject to Zambia's State obligations under the Convention and the Constitution [Cap. 1], the Director-General shall exercise, on behalf of the Authority, all the regulatory and oversight powers and perform the regulatory and oversight functions relating to civil aviation specified under the Convention and any other law.

4) The Director-General may, in the prescribed manner, issue any certificate, permit, licence, registration or authorisation required under the Act.

5) In the exercise of the powers and performance of the functions referred to in theAct, the Director-General shall be accountable-

(a) solely and directly to the Minister in respect of issues relating to civil aviation security, safety and regulatory oversight; and

(b) to the Board in respect of administrative and governance issues.

6) In the exercise and performance of the powers and functions assigned under the Act, the Director-General shall consider the following, among other things, as being in the public interest:

(a) the promotion, encouragement and development of safety in civil aviation; and

(b) the regulation of civil aviation in such a manner as to best promote its safety and security.

7) In the performance of the Director-General's functions and exercise of the Director-General's powers, the Director-General shall, where appropriate, consult with the Government, commercial, industrial, consumer and other relevant bodies and organisations.

8) The Director-General shall establish whatever consultative mechanisms the Director-General considers necessary for effective consultation as specified under subsection (7) of the Act.

The following offices also fall under the office of the Director General:

1) Safety and Quality Management Unit

The safety and Quality Management Unit Is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management Standards, Annex 16 and 19 Environmental and Safety Management Systems, Risk Management and Compliance Management Systems.

2) Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit is responsible for providing the assurance to CAA Management and the Board of the integrity of systems and internal controls in the CAA.

3) Public Relations

The public Relations Unit is responsible for Branding, Media Relations and the promotion of Corporate Image.

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