Flight Operations

Flight operations branch is a section under the Directorate of Flight Safety Standards. The Flight Operations branch is responsible for the Flight Operations Safety Oversight function in the Republic of Zambia. Zambia is a contracting state to the Chicago Convention and subscribes to the Standards and Recommended Practices Annexed to the Chicago Convention. The duties and responsibilities of Flight Operations, include, Safety Oversight Inspection of existing Air Operators,Aviation Training Organisations (ATOL)  as well as pre-certification inspection of prospective Air Operators, flight crew licensing, validations, examinations, issuance of Air Operators certificates, flight testing of aircraft and aircraft inspections.

Flight Operations is also involved in assessment of prospective Air Service Permit Holders applications being a member of Air Services Committee established in accordance with Cap.446 of the laws of Zambia.

Operations Personnel Licensing

The Aviation Licensing office at the Civil Aviation Authority was established for the purpose of attending to the issuance of various aviation licenses. The licensing office is situated at the Civil Aviation Authority  offices at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka. The licensing office is administratively placed under the supervision of the flight operations section of the department of Civil Aviation Authority.

Zambia is an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) member state and as such aviation licenses are issued in accordance with the Zambian Aviation act read in conjunction with Chicago Convention standards and recommended practices as published in Annex 1.

The licensing presently office issues the following types of flight crew licenses

  1. Student Pilot license (SPL)

  2. Private Pilots License (PPL)

  3. Commercial Pilots License (CPL) Fixed Wing and Rotary

  4. Airline Transport Pilots Licenses (ATPL) fixed Wing and Rotary

  5. Cabin Attendant licenses (CAL)

  6. Flight Engineers License (FEL)

The licensing office also validates foreign flight crew licenses issued by other ICAO member states and conducts inspection of cabin crew training facilities for approval purposes, cabin crew

Flight Crew

- Issue

- Validation 

Validation Procedure for Foreign Aircrew

Whereas currently validation of foreign flight crew licenses is presently subject to and done in accordance with Air Navigation Regulation 90 (13) of Chapter 444 of the laws of Zambia read in conjunction with Annex 1 to the Convention on International civil Aviation, paragraph 1.2.1 &, Now therefore, with effect from 11 September 2008 the following aircrew license validation procedures shall be  applicable.  

  1. No validation of flight crew licenses will be issued to any foreign flight crew license holder without prior verification of the original license by the issuing authority;

  2.  Validation of flight crew licenses issued by countries, in which English is not the official language, shall be subject to the flight crew member, satisfactorily passing a Radio Telephony examination in order to ascertain his/her proficiency in English prior to the validation.

  3. The validation shall be subject to the flight crew member satisfactorily passing written aviation law examination within a grace period of three (3) months from the date of validation in which case if the aviation law examination is not attempted or it is failed, the validation will be cancelled.

  4. The validation shall have validity equal to the validity of the license being validated subject to fulfillment of (3), above.

  5. These validation procedures are applicable only to aircrew licenses issued in an ICAO contracting state.

  6. Any other validation requests for licenses other than those issued by contracting states shall be  subject to a more detailed scrutiny such as determination of approval status of training schools attended and any further examination that may be deemed necessary to determine compliance with adequate and acceptable safety standards.

Cabin Attendants

- issue

- validation

- renewal

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Crew Examinations

1. Crew Examinations

Type of Examinations

Private Pilot Examinations

  1. Aviation Law I and II

  2. Navigation

  3. Principals of Flight

  4. Meteorology

  5. Airframes and Engines

  6. Radio Telephony

  7. Flight Planning

  8. Aircraft Specific Type Technical

  9. Aircraft Performance

Commercial Pilots

1. Aviation Law I and II

2. Aircraft Specific Type Technical

3. Aircraft Performance

Cabin Attendants

  1. Aviation Law I and II

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