Personnel Licensing

The Personnel Licensing Unit performs the following functions:

 - Issuance of Licenses to aircrew, air traffic controllers and maintenance personnel in accordance with International Standards;

 - Participation in the harmonization of regulations with international regulations and standards

 - Approval of training programmes and checking of professional abilities;

 - Organization and implementation of examinations for flight crews and aircraft maintenance and other aviation personnel

 - Control of approved safety procedures, programs and quality systems of organizations for aviation personnel training.

 - Enforcement compliance with provisions of ICAO standards and national regulatory requirements for personnel licensing and medical fitness; 

 - Approve training programmes and check the professional competences, skills and abilities of aviation personnel

 - Maintain a data base of experts to carry out examinations, validation and medical assessment for aviation personnel

 - The Unit shall be headed by a Principal Officer (CAA 03) who shall be responsible for two (2) Senior Officers (CAA 04). Other staff in the Section include; two (2) Officers (CAA 05) two (2) Assistants and a Medical Assessor at the same level as the Principal Officer (CAA 03).

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